Schlegel Engineering K.K. Company History
1980 Jul.

Schlegel Corporation, the US company founded Schlegel Engineering K.K. (SEKK) to market Schlegel products (imported) in Japan and to gain direct knowledge of the Japanese market.

1982 Feb.

SEKK became exclusive distributor for Tsuchiya TSCO's building pile products in Japan.

1984 Nov.

Established manufacturing facility in Atsugi to produce wire carrier for the Japanese automotive industry and to provide Thermal Break work for the aluminum sash industry.

1988 Dec. T. Sugiyama became CEO.
2002 Mar.

Started exclusive distributor for Schlegel Systems Inc. on the EMI shielding gasket, and for Schlegel S.A. on the building Pile products throughout Japan.

2005 Mar.

Schlegel withdrew from the Japanese market while;
Building Pile business was transferred to a Japanese trading company, Correns; EMI business was transferred to Schlegel Far East Inc. in Hong Kong; Wire Carrier business was sold to SEK Co., Ltd.

2005 Oct.

T. Sugiyama acquired Schlegel Engineering K.K. personally.

2013 Jul.

Schlegel Engineering K.K. became a division of SEK Co.,Ltd.

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